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Control Your Digital Presence

Local Lift makes sure your listings are present with the correct information. It automatically adds missing listings, and it updates critical fields like name, address, phone number, and categories across our network. Change your information anytime and it will update everywhere.

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What Is Digital Presence?

Like street signs or billboards do offline, digital presence ensures that customers who search online find their way to local businesses in person.

To succeed, every business in the world needs a strong digital presence.

A complete digital presence includes:

    Website Organic search ranking
    Social media profiles & posts customer reviews
    Online directory listings

Why is it important?

Today, 4 in 5 consumers search for local businesses online. When consumers find incorrect information about a business online, 73% lose trust in that business. And, incorrect information abounds — a 2013 study found that up to 40% of location info online is wrong!

Why is so much information incorrect? Because there’s no permanent record or single source of location data online. This is a HUGE problem that you can help solve.

We can help your small businesses take control of your digital presence by:

    Getting listed everywhere
    Correcting and enhancing their information
    Keeping their digital presence fresh with real-time updates
    Tracking the performance of their listings

What Does Your Digital Presence Look Like?

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